THAT’s a knife…..and Brett Gardner looks like he’s about to go under it.

Daily News:

Brett Gardner, on the disabled list with a strained right elbow, had a setback and is scheduled to visit two more orthopedists next week as the Yankees try to figure out why the injury is lingering.

Gardner will see Dr. James Andrews on Tuesday and will go to Cininnati Thursday to see Dr. Tim Kremchek. He is seeing Kremchek at the request of his agent.

Gardner woke up with pain Saturday and Joe Girardi admitted, “There’s concern we’re not going to have him for awhile.”

If Gardner ends up having Tommy John surgery or something else that keeps him out for the remainder of the season, it’s a big loss.

2010-2011 WAR (courtesy of Fangraphs):

Robinson Cano: 12.1
Brett Gardner: 11.3
Curtis Granderson: 10.5
Alex Rodriguez: 8.0
Nick Swisher: 7.9
Mark Teixeira: 7.5
Derek Jeter: 5.0

And for those of you instantly revert to the “Mother’s Basement” comment when you see a stat you don’t understand, think about it logically. Gardner provides elite defense, gets on base, steals lots of bases — all qualities which can certainly diversify the Yankees’ ability to win games.