A rant from NoMaas’ Wade Garrett:

Enough is enough. I was at the game last night on Saturday and everyone is doing the wave in a 2-run game. I thought I was at Shea for a second.

I’ve heard that the bleachers are told on a regular basis to tone it down because they are “too loud.” I had a guy come in to my section 3 times and say “no yelling at the opposing players, you’ll be tossed right outta here!”

Just watched the fans down the right field line basically clear a path for the red sox right fielder to make a catch that was clearly in the stands. The “crowds” the new stadium draws and the way the stadium caters to them is sickening and honestly takes away from that atmosphere the old stadium had. It’s sad because I don’t ever see it going back and I’ve lost that feeling I used to get walking into Yankee Stadium.