NY Times:

In a crowded interview after the game, Girardi, clearly upset from the loss and the bad call, was asked several times if Sabathia was healthy, in part because it was difficult to hear. Upon the third time, he grew irritated and was then told by Sherman that it was part of the job of being the Yankees’ manager to answer questions.

Girardi seemed to think the repeated questions were more about getting him to tell the truth than the difficulty hearing, and he did not want to be told his job description.

“No, I’m not lying,” he said. “One time is sufficient.”

Later, he invited Sherman into his office to discuss the situation, and it quickly escalated and could be heard throughout the clubhouse by players, reporters and clubhouse attendants.

CBS’ Jon Heyman:

Girardi doesn’t challenge the sightless umpire but screams at joel sherman of ny post instead. #losingit

Bergen Record’s Bob Klapisch:

Girardi won’t back up his own player on a game-ending call, but gets tough w/@JoelSherman1. Good to know he’s got his priorities straight.