For some reason, Randy Levine is making public comments about players. And for some reason, Randy Levine is still negotiating contracts and making player decisions.

Here’s Loose Lips on Rafael Soriano opting out of his contract (which Levine originally drafted):

“I’m not surprised,” Levine said. “We really like Raffy. But Scott Boras told the player he could get $60 million for four years. Let’s see if he can do that. That would make it understandable why he would opt out. I wish Sori well.”

Boras disputed that he ever named a total price, saying Levine asked a few times for a number he could “take to Hal,” but that he declined to do so. Boras said he only suggested that the per-year number would have to be above $14 million since he’s opting out of the $14 million but that he didn’t talk about years.

“Randy and I had a discussion. He requested us to make an offer. At this time, we thought it best to file before making any proposals to the Yankees,” Boras said. “I never make promises as to what the free-agent market might bear. I’m in the business of providing information to my clients and negotiating on their behalf. I’m not in the business of promising my clients contracts.”