Very quick.

We looked at last seasons’ full-year performance for each player, used two stats, and calculated the team averages in both of those stats by adding up the numbers and then dividing by 9 (players).

So very dirty.

Since the Yankees still have holes in their lineup, we didn’t want to go overboard in whipping out the calculators and projecting 2013 performances. Also, we assumed the Yankees re-sign Russell Martin, Ichiro, and Ibanez (we needed to put someone in those spots).

Here’s the two stats we used:

wRC+: Developed by Fangraphs, it’s similar to Baseball-Reference’s OPS+, except it applies more weight to on-base percentage. Like OPS+, it’s adjusted for a player’s league and his homefield park. 100 is league average. Anything about 100 is above-average, and anything below 100 is below-average. For example, if a player had a wRC+ of 115, that means he created 15% more runs than the league average hitter.

wSB: How many runs above- or below-average a player is at stealing bases. Heavily affected by caught stealing.

Here are the lineups (Note: Since Brett Gardner was hurt nearly all season, we used his career wRC+ and his 2011 wSB number):

On this preliminary glance, it’s very close.