Alex Rodriguez’s $27.5 annual luxury tax hit is a huge lesson in opportunity costs as the Yankees try to get to the magical $189 million mark. His contract is often cited as the poison that pollutes the payroll.

However, Arod isn’t the only player not living up to yearly paycheck, and his contract isn’t the only one the Yankees wish they could rip up. There’s another player who also meets the description of Huge Contract / Not Huge Production, and that’s Mark Teixeira.

At 8 years / $180 million, Teixeira’s annual hit to the luxury tax number is $22.5 million. After a superb first season with the Yankees, his offense has declined in each of the last 3 seasons. In fact, his 2012 was his worst season since his rookie year in 2003 (2012: .251/.332/.475).

Everyone has speculated about Teixeira. In 2011, we asked if he’d “Yankee Stadium’d” his left-handed swing. At the beginning of last season, we asked if the shift was ruining his life, resulting in much lower BABIPs.

Teixeira may look like a horse, but he’s certainly not been the equine the Yankees thought he would be.


2009: .402
2010: .369
2011: .361
2012: .341

BABIP (The shift??)

2009: .302
2010: .268
2011: .239
2012: .250


2009: .948
2010: .846
2011: .835
2012: .807

OPS vs. RHP (batting left-handed)

2009: .951
2010: .799
2011: .779
2012: .770

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, Mark.”