As the Yankees wait/hope for Kuroda, Martin, Pettitte, and Mariano to say ‘yes’, there are some bargain signings happening around the league.

Here’s two in areas that could have helped the Yankees.

1. David Ross, Catcher, Signed with BostonOn November 8th, we wrote about Atlanta free agent catcher David Ross, and identified as a solution to the catching vacancy in the Bronx. Turns out Boston (who already had 2 catchers) felt the same, because the signed him two days after we wrote our article. At 2 years, $6.2 million, this deal is a very nice one, as Ross has been worth at least 1.4 wins in each of the last 4 seasons, as a BACKUP catcher (who’s thrown out 39% of basestealers in his career).

2. Scott Baker, Pitcher, Signed by Cubs — A big injury risk and coming off surgery, but at one-year, $5.5 million, it’s a solid move for the Cubs. He’s been slightly-above league average for his career (102 ERA+, 94 xFIP-). He’s been worth no less than 2.6 wins in each of the past three seasons, even in his shortened 134-inning 2012 campaign. He’s an extreme flyball guy, but he strikes out a high amount of hitters and keeps the walks down. Even if he only throws 130-150 innings this year, he’ll be worth his deal. It’s a smart signing.

But for now, the Yankees wait. If some of the guys they’re waiting on end up leaving New York, we hope it doesn’t result in the front office scrambling to cover the vacancies.