Please tell us if this makes sense. We really hope this is Cashman just blowing smoke, because if it’s not, it’s messed up.

Cashman openly admitting the Yankees have punted on the catcher position:

“We do have placeholders there,” Cashman said. “We have people that can handle and run the game. The offense is an area that, currently with what our roster provides, will be a downgrade from what we’re used to. But the most important aspect of those games is (defense).

Looking for defense? Well, let’s ignore Russell Martin has a great reputation for game-calling and pitch-framing, while the Yankees let Boston sign David Ross (at $3 mil per) who’s thrown out 39% of basestealers in his career (and can actually hit).

Instead, Cashman will be looking to upgrade on backup infield players, who are far less important than a legitimate starting catcher.

“It’s an area that I will focus on, but whether anything materializes from that area (is impossible to say). We have people on the roster currently. It’s just, what’s the ability to upgrade on it? What’s the availability in terms of what’s in the marketplace, both free agent and trade? Does any of that make sense with the cost associated with it, whether it’s your assets as a player or a dollar amount?

Glad we have our priorities straight.

P.S. How about giving guys like David Adams and Ronnie Mustelier those “infield depth” positions?