The bunt is the anti-Christ for most followers of sabermetrics, and Joe Girardi often gets slammed on the Twitterverse when he orders a sacrifice. And to the naked eye and even sometimes to us, he seems to long for the National League style.

However, since the eyes can be deceiving, we looked it up — and in reality, Girardi hasn’t been excessive when it comes to giving up free outs. Here are the numbers since he became Yankees manager.

Number of sacrifice bunts and American League ranking:

2008: 31 (8th)
2009: 31 (9th)
2010: 33 (11th)
2011: 36 (8th)
2012: 31 (10th)

Since 2008, the AL leaders in sac bunts are (in order) the Angels (Scioscia!), Tigers, Rangers (hell of a drug), Twins, and Mariners. The Yankees rank 10th over this time period.

With a corner OF tandem that would have problems hitting homers in a little league park, maybe Girardi will summon his National League demons more often in 2013. Yet, as of now, sabermetricians should not lose any sleep over Joe Girardi’s bunting preferences.