From Jeff Keppinger to Marco Scutaro to the Greek God of Awful Facial Hair, the suggestions are out on how to replace Alex Rodriguez.

It just so happens that we addressed this topic in late October, when there was speculation he would be traded.

Here’s what we said at the time:

The Yankees re-sign Eric Chavez and play him exclusively against right-handed pitching. Chavez hit .298/.365/.543 against RHP this season, and he’s knocked them around his entire career (.280/.358/.511). According to Fangraphs, Chavez was worth 1.8 wins last season. Can he repeat that? Maybe. But’s let knock him down to 1.5 wins.

The Yankees could then promote one of the prospects we outlined a couple days ago, and platoon them against left-handed pitchers. The right-handed David Adams and/or Ronnier Mustelier could serve that side of the platoon, and scratch out 0.5 to 1 win in their rookie season.

Would that be enough to generate above-average production at third-base, or replace Arod’s 2-3 wins? Three wins is unlikely, but 2 wins isn’t out of the question. Plus, we get to see some homegrown talent!

Even if a Chavez/Adams/Mustelier combo doesn’t equate to Arod’s production in the short-term, there’s an additional tangible benefit. It would be a cheap solution!

At the outset of the offseason, we wrote about four prospects that could be big factors in the Yanks’ offseason plans, which included Adams & Mustelier. We even labeled Adams as “Arod Insurance.”

So how about giving the prospects a shot?