From the Daily News’ Mark Feinsand:


Marky Mark Feinsand also added that Diaz will get $1.2 million if he makes the big league team, with an additional $800,000 in incentives.

Here are his career splits, which are quite drastic:

vs. RHP: 1007 PAs | 53 BB | 226 K | .258 AVG | .314 OBP | .362 SLG | .326 BABIP | 79 wRC+
vs. LHP: 1026 PAs | 52 BB | 149 K | .324 AVG | .364 OBP | .498 SLG | .355 BABIP | 127 wRC+

While those splits fit what the Yankees are looking for in a right-handed OF, it’s worthy to note that over the last 3 seasons, Diaz’ production vs LHP dipped to .281/.328/.426 (358 PAs), along with a BABIP of .321. He also had reoccurring thumb problems over this time period.

Additionally, we mention BABIP because he has a career .355 BABIP vs LHP, and since he has a crappy walk-to-strikeout ratio (0.28), he needs a high BABIP to be successful.

Overall, considering his history, he’s a good guy to stash in the minors and observe.

Dead Horse Beating Alert: They’re willing to pay up to $2 million for a backup outfielder, but not $3 million for Eric Chavez or $8.5 million annually for a starting catcher. ??