Fox News Latino:

Medicine can do wonders but with A-Rod’s 38th birthday in July it’s doubtful he can make a full recovery. We’re talking about a hip surgery and all of the torque that goes into putting a good swing on a ball. The surgery will take place in January because he will need about four to six weeks to just strengthen it before doctors go in to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement and a cyst, making that first surgery pale in comparison to this one.

While everything worked out smooth the first time around with the right hip, the chances of the left hip being affected were very likely.

“Basically once you have to have surgery on one joint, all the other joints may be affected because even if the surgery went perfectly, there is no way to exactly replicate the natural balance and structure of the body. All the joints work together for normal movement,” Dr. Imani Jackson-Rosario of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey told Fox News Latino.

“Surgery on one hip can affect the function on the rest of the joints, including the other hip. But sports place strain on the body due to repetitive motions and movements that we may not be naturally designed for. And once there is any injury to a joint, the body is never exactly the same.