Whether or not you agree with the Yankees’ approach this offseason, we can all agree that they have done nothing to improve themselves. Thus, the pressure will be on the returning players to maintain or improve upon their performances from last season.

One of the biggest surprises in 2012 was the Derek Jeter Renaissance, in which he reversed what was a clear offensive decline over the prior three seasons. Most notably, he experienced an uptick in power, likely aided by an increased effectiveness versus fastballs. Let’s take a gander at how his power has trended.

Derek Jeter’s Isolated Power (Slugging % – Batting Average)

2009: .131
2010: .100
2011: .092
2012: .113

Now, 38 years old and coming off ankle surgery, should we expect a repeat performance from the son of everyone’s favorite dad, Dr. Charles Jeter?

What say you?