Cashman on the current state of the roster:

“I think patience is a virtue, and it’s something we’ve learned can be used effectively,” Cashman said recently. “It’s a harder road to walk, but sometimes it’s not the worst road to walk. Sometimes you’ve got to wait for the right time and the right place to strike.”

“I think we’ve improved our pro scouting network, and I think we’ve improved our evaluation of statistical data streams,” Cashman said. “It puts us in a position to make informed decisions and much more comfortable knowing what is really available, and what you can expect from those players if you sign them and what you’d be comfortable paying them.”

“I think that it’s too early to say that we’ve gotten better or not,” Cashman said. “Last year’s team won 95 games and had a ton of injuries. We’re still putting a team together for 2013, so it’s not in a position to do a comparison yet, whatever the 2013 team will look like compared to the 2012 team. It’s too early in the process to have those types of discussions.”

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