We’re looking for a few good men/women to join the insane asylum that is NoMaas.

Here’s what we need:

– A Joe Girardi watcher
Responsibilities: Analyzing Joe Girardi’s managerial moves on a daily basis, and praise/critique when warranted.

– An additional minor league correspondent
Responsibilities: Helping out with our Minor League Players of the Week and highlighting intriguing prospects throughout the year. You’ll also get the opportunity to interview Yankee prospects.

– A Mediot Observer
Responsibilities: Pointing out ridiculousness and groupthink within the mainstream media, whether it be from Michael Kay, Sterling/Waldman, the YES Network, a newspaper article, etc. Also, highlighting funny moments like when David Cone “chopsticked” Ichiro.

– Someone who lives in his/her mother’s basement
Responsibilities: Analyzing player statistics and drawing conclusions based on those statistics. Must be at least 30 pounds overweight, never had intercourse, and enjoy frozen pizza.

– Another photoshopper
Responsibilities: Creating demented images of Yankee and opposing team personnel. Key to this position is availability, particularly on a nightly basis after games.

All of these positions will be initially unpaid (need to work your way up the ladder). We’re looking for 2-3 contributions per week from each staffer, particularly during the season. Writers are always welcome to contribute content on any topic, however the focus will be on the above specialty areas.

If you are interested in a position and joining the NoMaas team, please email admin@nomaas.org or use this contact form. Please include the following:

- Name
- Position you’re applying for
- Why you’re a good candidate

We’ll accept applications for two weeks, and then respond with additional information.

Are you next to join the NoMaas staff?