Hal on $189 million:

“Is that our goal next year? Yes, to be at that number, that’s our goal.”

As some observant fans may have noticed, the Yankees have invited 84 players to Major League camp as Spring Training opens this week. This presents a clear, if minor, problem: once you factor in coaches, guest instructors, and all the team’s retired or unused uniform numbers, it’s inevitable that a few invitees will have to don triple digits in Tampa.

NoMaas has a solution that frees up at least one two-digit number for an ST hopeful: Joe Girardi should give up #28.

As everyone knows, for the last few years Joe’s uniform number has represented the Yankees’ goal of winning a 28th World Championship. Since the goal has changed, he should instead switch to #189. It would really reflect the attitude of the front office, and would be a gracious gesture on the manager’s part.