Mark Teixeira’s de-evolution into a hitter that can be bested by the shift has been well-documented around these parts. Last season was a particularly disappointing offensive campaign for the long-faced first baseman, who according to Fangraphs, posted his lowest batting runs above average since his rookie season. His value-added was a measly 11.1 runs above average — a stark contrast to his career rate of 28 per annum.

A closer examination of Teixeira’s 2012 reveals something very striking: Teixeira added very little value on four-seam fastballs. Using Pitch F/X pitch value analysis, we see that his value-added per 100 offerings of four-seamers clocked in at 0.57, a figure well below his average of 1.68 since 2007.

Given the high number of four-seam fastballs he is likely to face, a continuation of this trend would be worrisome. Between his inability to solve the shift and a declining success rate against fastballs, the situation could get ugly for the $180 million man.