CBS Sports:

The first rival GM pointed out three main areas of concern — age, injuries and lack of depth in the upper minor leagues. He also wondered about the ability of Jeter, Pettitte and Kuroda to repeat their excellent performance from a year ago. Then, he got even more pointed.

“I think they are weak at third base and in the outfield,” the GM said. “Ichiro may not repeat. Granderson brings a low batting average and tons of strikeouts. Gardner is hurt a lot, and not all that productive when healthy.”

The Yankees have their fair share of problems, but Gardner and Granderson aren’t two of them.

Granderson brings a low batting average and tons of strikeouts, no doubt, but he still has more pop than most major league outfielders. His 2012 ISO of .260 ranked third among AL OFs, and overall, his 116 wRC+ ranked 16th among all AL OFs, even with him striking out 5,677 times. Granted, his 2012 season looked a lot more like his 2010 season..but still, not exactly a problem, per se.

While BMG missed all of 2012, he played 150 games in 2010 and 159 games in 2011…not exactly a chronic game-misser. And in 2010 and 2011, he combined for 11.4 wins above replacement — good for 13th among all MLB position players over that span. Only Robinson Cano had a higher mark for the Yankees. So how is Gardner not productive when he’s healthy, as this GM claims?