As mentioned in Wallace Mathews’ gem of an article…the Yankees were entertaining the idea of making Cano an offer before he hits the free agent market at the end of the season. Now it appears they already have. Whether or not the below remark was a bit premature by Cashman, it looks as though the Yankees are desperate to keep Cano.


“We’ve made a significant offer. That’s what I thought Hal [Steinbrenner] said to everybody,” Cashman said Thursday in the press box at Steinbrenner Field, where he had just concluded a radio interview. “I’m not going to comment anymore. I thought Hal announced that we made a significant offer. And we’ve had a few conversations. I thought I was restating Hal’s stuff. If I said a little more, that’s all I’m saying.”

Unless “significant” means a 12 year deal with an opt out after each (not unheard of in Boras/Randy “Soul Glo” Levine talks), Cano will most likely still be testing free agent waters.