This all happened in the top of the 4th in Sunday’s game versus Toronto…

- When the ageless Henry Blanco came up to bat for the Blue Jays, Sterling mistakenly said the catcher had homered in his first at-bat (He flied out to right). If we’re now going to be subjected to retroactive homer errors, in addition to his trademark premature home run calls, it’s gonna be a long season.

- Talking about Toronto’s rotation, Sterling said the Yankees have never hit Mark Buehrle particularly well. In his career against the Yankees, Buerhle has been tattooed to a batting line .333/.373/.498, good for a 6.38 ERA in 12 starts. Say what, John? Suzyn then tried to cover for her partner by saying that Buehrle has a poor track record against New York, but has always done well against Boston. She even punctuated this with a classic piece of Waldman hyperbole: “The Red Sox?!? STRANGE!” Of course, Suzie wasn’t right on this either. Boston hitters have a .300/.341/.453 line against Buerhle in his career, with the left-hander posting a 4.64 ERA.

- I had the YES telecast and the WCBS feed going at the same time, so it was mildly amusing to hear both Waldman and Michael Kay use the same phrase within five seconds of one another. They each introduced New York-born, non-roster invitee Matt Daley as “the kid from Queens.” Now, maybe that’s Daley’s actual nickname, I don’t know. But you’d think at least one of the announcers would have come up with something a little less vanilla.