Girardi on the Yankees’ laughable catching situation:

“There is no formula for our catching right now, but we believe we have a group of guys who can get the job done. It’s easy to measure numbers, but sometimes what really gets overlooked is how many runs a catcher can save, and whether or not the pitchers enjoy throwing to them. We believe we have catchers who fit that, and they will be productive in their own way.”

Since the front office has absolutely and unequivocally punted on getting any offensive production from its catcher position, they are now trying to sell to the fans that they have catching versions of Ozzie Smith.

Chris Stewart does have a good defensive reputation, so we’ll leave him alone. However, since when has Francisco Cervelli been regarded as a good defender? How about ‘never’.

He’s thrown out 20% of basestealers during his big league action, compared to a league average of 27%. The Fielding Bible also ranked him as a below-average threat to runners on the basepaths.

In addition, the Fielding Bible ranked him as below-average when it comes to saving runs in general.

But hey, maybe the pitchers “enjoying throwing to him” like Joe said. Maybe they’re all friends on Facebook, or they wear each other’s sweaters out to the club if it’s chilly and one guy only has a T-shirt. And then there’s the fist pumps. Fist pumps!