Brian Cashman on the mounting injury totals:

“I was raised under The Boss. And with The Boss, there’s no excuses. So these are obstacles you deal with, and you find ways to get over. No one cares about anything else. All they care about is the bottom line is what you put in that win column.”

“It’s a long season. And we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that when the dust settles you’re sitting around us asking, ‘How did you figure your way through this?’ Rather than: ‘How did you allow this to bury you?’ We’re not going to allow this to bury us. We’re just not. We can’t.”

Ca$hMoney says it’s all about “the win column” and that the front office doing “everything in its power” to improve the team’s deficiencies — just like Hal Steinbrenner says his goal is to field a championship-caliber team.

The problem is that the actions of the front office fly in the face of these statements.

First, The Yankees purposely and willingly downgraded the team this offseason, knowing full well they were sacrificing wins. Second, with no depth to speak of, the front office left the club wide open to injury issues, which are already manifesting before the season even starts.

So the foundation was laid by the front office for a disappointing season. And that’s fine, even the Yankees are allowed to have a subpar campaign…it’s not against the rules. All teams need to recalibrate and/or rebuild at some point.

However, don’t continue to feed us this “championship-caliber” / “our mandate is to win a World Series” / “bottom line is to win” garbage when the front office deliberately decreased the quality of the team. It’s just too much BS.

For us, the biggest question is whether everyone in the front office was onboard with this blueprint. We’ve wondered before if Cashman feels handcuffed. Or maybe he agrees with all of it. Perhaps we’ll find out one day.