On Sunday, the Yankees designated Clay Rapada for assignment to make room for Lyle Overbay — because the team needed more FBI old guys, you see.

Unlike certain areas of Travis Hafner, Rapada’s career is hardly long and distinguished, as he has amassed only 90 professional innings since 2007. However, in that limited time frame, Rapada has shown a high competence for retiring left-handed hitters. Consider the following data:

Career vs LHB (64.2 IP)
9.60 K/9
3.01 FIP | 3.38 xFIP
.165 Batting Average Against and .231 wOBA

Last year was Rapada’s first year with the Yankees and he answered the bell when a LOOGY was needed:

2012 vs LHB (30 IP)
9.90 K/9
2.86 FIP |3.17 xFIP
.183 Batting Average Against and .238 wOBA

Again, while the overall sample size is small, Rapada has shown the ability to fulfill a niche role at the major league level.

His departure now leaves the onus for retiring left-handed hitters late in games on Boone Logan. For reference, here are Logan’s career and 2012 marks against lefty batters:

Career vs LHB (146.2 IP)
10.49 K/9
3.25 FIP | 3.23 xFIP
.242 Batting Average Against and .307 wOBA

2012 vs LHB (32 IP)
11.81 K/9
2.72 FIP |2.92 xFIP
.230 Batting Average Against and .289 wOBA

Logan too has been effective, but if Rapada is claimed by another team, it definitely diminishes the number of arrows in the proverbial quiver when the Yankees need a weapon against left-handed hitters. Should Logan be bitten by the injury bug and with no confidence-inspiring options readily apparent within the organization, the Yankees may end up missing Rapada more than they realize.