Contrary to his popularity-based gold gloves, most people know that Derek Jeter is a very poor defensive player. When he gets to balls, he doesn’t make many errors, which is why some think he’s actually good with the leather — but Jeter’s issue has always been his range.

Last year, he was worth -15.2 runs defensively, with nearly all of the negative number attributed to his range (-16.6). And this isn’t a nerd thing either. The eyes of the fans also judged him to be 11 runs below average.

Derek’s defensive deficiencies are old news, but we bring it up again because he was scratched from Tuesday’s spring training due to stiffness in his surgically-repaired left ankle.

This is troublesome because if his ankle continues to bother him throughout the season, his defense could be even worse. And considering his backup will likely be Eduardo Nunez, the club will be incredibly weak at the most demanding position on the infield — not a welcome development for Yankee pitchers.