Curb the enthusiasm. Here’s the lowdown on the Yankees’ latest slop pile signing, Brennan Boesch.

- Last season, he was worth below replacement level at -1.3 WAR and a wRC+ of 77 (OPS+ 77)
- His defense is rated very poorly by both UZR (-12 runs in 2012) and in the eyes of fans.
- ZiPS projects his line for 2013 as .256/.307/.408 (.302 wOBA)

According to CBS’ Jon Heyman, it’s a MLB deal worth $1.5M and if we didn’t misread him, he gets $600K for every 100 PA up to 350. So that’s a potential total of $3.6M (about $900K more than Ibanez got).

Just wow. Scott Boras bends the Yankees over again.

Give us veterans or give us death.