pythagoras NoMaas Yankees

According to His theory, examining a team’s run differential can provide a more accurate understanding of its true strength, as opposed to simply looking at its winning percentage. Over the course of a season, a team’s actual record should gravitate towards a record more reflective of its run differential.

pythagorean baseball NoMaas Yankees

Last season, the mercy of Pythagoras benefited Baltimore in historic fashion. The Orioles were a remarkable 29-9 in 1-run games and 16-2 (!!) in extra-inning games. They finished at 93-69, despite outscoring their opponents by only 7 runs — a run differential that would expect them to go 82-80.

In comparison, the rage of Pythagoras was cast squarely on Tampa, who finished behind Baltimore and did not make the playoffs, even though they outscored their opponents by 120 runs, which was 2nd-best in the AL and 3rd-best in MLB.

It’s still early, but it’s worth noting that the Yankees currently have the best record in MLB for 1-run games at 5-0.

Will the light of Pythagoras shine on the Bronx this season?