Fangraphs rolled out a new standings feature that incorporates “rest of season projections.” From the source:

“Projected Rest of Season is where we kick things up a notch. We’ve taken the two projection systems that we have daily updated forecasts from — ZIPS and Steamer — and combined them with playing time projections that are based on daily updated depth chart information for each team. This gives us the best of both worlds: high quality performance forecasts based on multiple years of data, but also playing time projections that account for a player’s current health and position on the roster.

We’ve then taken those individual player forecasts and summed the totals at the team level in order to forecast an expected Win-Loss record for the remainder of the season.”

Utilizing this newfound data, how are the Yankees projected to do? Currently the team is projected to go slightly over .500 for the balance of the season. If this course of action were to come to fruition, the team would finish with 86 wins. While this looks lousy on the surface, the team would actually still be slated to make the playoffs. Wooo!

The interesting point to make is that the projections expect the Yankees offense to keep improving to deliver these results. We’ve openly questioned whether that is possible ’round these parts and only time will tell.

Like all playoff predictors etc, these standings need to be taken with a grain of salt because, crappy platitudes aside, sometimes unpredictable things happen. At the very least, this new data provides yet another barometer for the Yankees season.