If it wasn’t already obvious, Derek Jeter’s latest injury confirms that his days as a full-time player are done. If it wasn’t for his player option next season, his career in pinstripes could possibly be over.

With ankle and now reoccurring leg issues (and already no range at short), the Yankees will have yet another position to fill for 2014. With Eduardo Nunez being very bad at baseball and no answers in the farm system, your guess is as good as ours as to what the Yankees will do.

Furthermore, Derek’s frailty underscores the greater issue that we’ve been harping on all season. With large contracts, old players, patchwork fixes, and no immediate help coming in the farm system, the Yankees front office should have been gearing up for 2015 and beyond — a concept that wasn’t even remotely entertained judging by this year’s trade deadline activity.

There is no core set of players that will carry this team for the next 3-4 years, which is why we advocated trading Robinson Cano to obtain young talent. From our lens, it appears the Yankees will continue to be reliant on a free agency system that will offer less and less elite players due to smaller market teams more frequently locking up their younger assets. Perhaps they’re also banking on some of their lower level prospects becoming full-time contributors at the big league level.

The front office may have already thought this out and might see something that we don’t, but the current structure of the team makes us nervous that the Duct Tape Approachâ„¢ will be the primary strategy going forward.