For anyone who watched Tuesday night’s Yankee broadcast, you may remember when Michael Kay and David Cone were discussing the “win” statistic. Kay began the discussion by correctly stating that many followers of sabermetrics disregard the “win” statistic because they believe it doesn’t accurately evaluate a pitcher’s skill. Kay, however, said that earning a win is an “art” and added that pitchers will pitch to the scoreboard.

David Cone, a 17-year major league veteran, disagreed with Kay and stated that pitchers do not pitch to the scoreboard, and that he wanted to pitch a shutout every time on the mound, regardless of situation.

Even after Cone disagreed, Kay continued to make the case for the “win” and pitching to the scoreboard, even citing Tom Seaver and Jack Morris. This prompted us to tweet:

This apparently ruffled Michael’s feathers, because he proceeded to tweet at us WHILE broadcasting the game (talk about multi-tasking!!):

Michael Kay Tweet NoMaas Yankees

And it didn’t end there. Longtime friend of NoMaas, Mike Silva, tweeted at Kay during our exchange and the Yankees TV broadcaster made us feel sad:


And speaking of Mike Silva, we’ll be discussing our Kay exchange with him on Saturday morning at 10:45am on Long Island’s ESPN affiliate, Champions Radio, which can be heard on 96.9 FM or 107.1 FM. You can also listen live by clicking on this extremely sexy banner below: