While we all want the Yankees to make the playoffs and give us the excitement of October baseball, we wonder if it would actually be better for the long-term health of this team to NOT make the postseason. Before you dismiss this theory out of hand, let us explain.

We believe there is a possibility that making the playoffs could give the front office a pass on how poorly this team was constructed and cause the fanbase to gloss over the fundamental flaws this organization possesses — “Hey, things can’t be that bad if we made the playoffs!!”. In other words, it could keep everyone lazy.

Rather, if the team misses the postseason, it could serve as a catalyst for holding the front office accountable and institute the major changes that are needed. The sense of urgency could be greater as the fanbase revolts over missing the playoffs.

And the changes that need to be made…

1. Accountability for a farm system that is devoid of high-level talent.
2. Accountability for a major league roster that was purposely downgraded in the offseason.
3. Recognition that acquiring elite talent via free agency will become less probable.
4. Get rid of the “no extension” policy.
5. Making signings based on potential revenue generation, and not wins/losses.
6. Stop filling nearly every roster hole with has-beens
7. Be forward-thinking and creative, and not reactionary and traditional.

If we had faith that the front office would do these things, even after making the playoffs, that would be one thing. But, we believe the front office needs a hard kick to the a**, and perhaps missing the postseason would provide that impetus.