The Record:

For now, there are no time constraints associated with the negotiations between Girardi and the Yankees on an extension that would keep him in pinstripes through at least the 2016 season. Girardi is under contract through October, and the Yanks have shown no willingness to allow other clubs permission to speak with him during this period.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, the Cubs have made it known through back channels that they’d be willing to top any offer made by the Yankees.

Late last week, Girardi was said to have been given an offer by the Yanks, the parameters of which are believed to be in the $12 million to $16 million range for three seasons, with the possibility of a fourth-year option.

Could Girardi surprise and turn down the Yankees’ offer for another venture? After all, he must still be washing off the smell from the garbage the front office doused him with this past season. And he surely sees the writing on the wall for next season.