In an October WFAN interview, Yankees’ supreme overlord Hal Steinbrenner stated that while he would like to stay below the $189 million luxury tax level, his main priority was to bring home title #28:

“It’s a goal that we take seriously…but it’s not going to come at the expense of winning a championship.”

If the priority is “winning a championship”, then why are the Yankees so reportedly hot on the trail of Carlos Beltran, when there are superior options on the market?

Both Jacoby Ellsbury and Shin-Shoo Choo are arguably the #2 & #3 best position players available (really no argument that Ellsbury is #2), and would certainly provide more overall production to the Yankees than Beltran.

Also, both of them are several years younger than the former Cardinal. The Yankees are supposedly OK with signing Beltran through his age 38 or 39 seasons, so using that front office logic, what’s the big deal in signing Ellsbury or Choo to a multi-year deal, when they are currently ages 30 and 31, respectively?

To our dismay, the Yankees have decided not to rebuild. With that decision to “go for it”, why mess around with Carlos Beltran when there are clearly better players on the market? If the goal is to “win a championship”, then shouldn’t the front office be targeting the best players available?

Makes you wonder what the goal really is…