During last spring training, Hal Steinbrenner assured fans that the Yankees will “always field a championship-caliber team every single year.” We know that was total propaganda. He repeated that sentiment in early October.

Based on the current state of the organization, there’s only one way Hal can back up his lofty talk, and that’s to blow past the $189 million and throw money at the many weaknesses on the current roster. If he’s not willing to do so, the most prudent action (and our personal preference) would be to order a total rebuild. Doing neither likely deepens the Yankees’ position in a purgatory-like state of mediocrity.

However, given the evidence and his track record, we could see Hal choosing a third option: Give the illusion of intent. Aware of sagging attendance and YES ratings, he could have the Yankees sign a couple big names, conduct some fancy press conferences, have the media lick it up, and say “Look, fans! We’re trying! World Series or bust!”. It wouldn’t be enough to push the team into contention, but it would keep the payroll under $189 million, balloon his wallet, satisfy his investors, and excite the masses.

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