We know the Yankees don’t like to offer extensions to players before they hit free agency. We have no idea why they adhere to this policy, when other teams around baseball are smartly locking up their young talent to deals that buy out a few years of free agency.

While the words “Yankees” and “young talent” don’t often appear in the same sentence, they do have a 28-year old who’s become one of baseball’s elite relievers. That would be David Robertson.

D-Rob will be a free agent after this upcoming season, and is projected to earn $5.5 million in his last go-around with arbitration.

Over the last 3 seasons, there’s only one AL reliever who’s been more valuable than Robertson (Greg Holland – KC). Why not offer D-Rob an extension, especially before he establishes himself as a “proven closer?”

Joe Nathan, a “proven closer”, just signed a 2 year / $20 million deal at the age of 39. If D-Rob begins to accumulate the magical “save” statistic, we can only expect his market value to increase.

Offer D-Rob an extra two years, in addition to this season, at around the arbitration award he’s expected to receive. Present him with the choice of ~ $16.5 million guaranteed versus the risk of injuring himself or having a bad season right before he hits free agency. If he says ‘no’, at least you tried.