Hal Steinbrenner PiggyBank NoMaas Yankees

The Supreme Overlord insists that keeping spending under $189 million remains the “absolute goal.”

With McCann, Ellsbury, Beltran, Kuroda, and Kelly Johnson in the fold, the Yankees are now paying $172 million to 13 different players, with 12 more players to go.

Once you include the ~$11 million attributed to benefits like insurance and pension (which are also counted towards the luxury tax), the Yankees are now at $183 million.

This means the Yankees have about $6 million to spend before they hit the Hal-Cap™. The Yankees won’t learn Arod’s fate until January, but that would free up ~ $25 million, and bring the total available to $31 million.

The Yankees have five players that still have to go through arbitration — Robertson, Gardner, Nova, Kelley, and Cervelli — and some estimates have those five earning a total of $14.8 million.

Also not currently included in the luxury tax amount is the eventual renewal of minimal-salaried players like Adam Warren, Austin Romine (assuming he’s the backup), David Phelps, Michael Pineda, etc. — you probably got ~ $2-3 million there.

Once you account for arbitration players and minimal-salaried players, the Yankees are already over $189 million by somewhere in the area of $11-12 million. If you free up Arod’s money, then the Yankees likely have ~ $14 million to spend before they hit the Hal-Cap™.

What this all means for the rest of the offseason, time will tell. But if Hal really wants to stay under $189 million, it’s going to be very difficult considering the Yankees still need a 2B (unless Kelly Johnson is it), a third baseman, at least one more starting pitcher (at minimum), and bullpen help.