As Tanaka-mania begins, there is a realistic possibility that the Yankees don’t sign the Japanese hurler, either due to heavy competition from other teams and/or Hal’s reluctance to go over the $189 million threshold.

As we outlined before Christmas, the starting rotation is in desperate need of depth, both in terms of talent and filling in for the inevitable injured pitcher. If Tanaka shuns the Boogie Down, how can we expect the Yankees to address this significant problem?

We know Brian Cashman loves to dive into the garbage dumpsters of opposing teams, and he’s already indicated that dumpster-diving could once again be a main building block for his pitching staff in 2014:

Non-roster invitees might be key,” Cashman said. “I’d rather go the easier route and pull something down that someone’s like, ‘Good move,’ but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I might have to go the harder, longer route. We’ll see.”

unemployed nomaas yankees
If Tanaka signs elsewhere, could this guy(s) be Cashman’s go-to?