Shortly after Robinson Cano agreed to a deal with Seattle, we tweeted the following:

Well, we were wrong…on the years. Beatwriter superstar Mark Feinsand again was the first to break a story, this time that the 36-year old former Cardinal (will be 37 on Opening Day) has signed with the Yankees. Reports say the deal is for 3 years / $45 million.

This is a complete desperation move by the Yankees braintrust (if they actually have a brain). Beltran will be 39-years old at the end of this deal. While he can still hit, his value has been in clear decline because of his deteriorating defense:

In 2011, Beltran was worth 4.3 WAR. In 2012, he was worth 3.3 WAR. In 2013, he was worth 2.0 WAR. And the main culprit for this decline in value is, again, his defense. He’s a DH now.

So the Yankees just picked up an old-ass DH for $45 million. He can still hit, yes. However, there is more to a player’s value than just hitting. Furthermore, he’ll soon be 37 and we should expect his hitting & health to decline as he approaches the Yankees’ favorite age of 40.

Whether you like Beltran or not, aren’t you just tired of this sh*t? The club’s ONLY MOVE is to sign countless free agents. This all-free-agent strategy is indicative of how messed up this organization has become. As a fan, it’s just sad to see this happen to our favorite team.

Mechanically, the Yankees now have 87 outfielders, no second baseman, a huge question mark at 3B, and half a pitching staff. With Kuroda reportedly back at $16 million and Beltran at $15 million per, the Yankees are now ~ $9 million away from the $189 million Hal-Cap™ — not including any savings from an Arod suspension.