Fredric Horowitz Arod Arbitrator NoMaas Yankees

That is Fredric Horowitz, the arbitrator who will decide if Arod serves all, part, or none of his 211-game suspension. His decision is expected by early January.

After the Yankees made it rain casino-style on Jacoby Ellsbury, the club now has ~ $40 million (including player benefits) to spend on 15 more members of the 25-man roster AND the rest of the 40-man roster before they hit the Hal-Cap of $189 million.

If they bring back Cano at say $25 million, they’d be left with ~ $15 million to spend on 14 remaining members of the 25-man roster AND the rest of the 40-man. Good luck with that.

If Horowitz upholds the full 211-game ban, that would give the Yankees ~ $25 million in additional leeway before the magic 189. As it stands currently, Arod’s full salary is included on the payroll.

Now, if Hal decided to trash the $189 million mandate, then we guess it doesn’t matter. But, we still don’t know that yet, and we’d imagine Randy Levine is making virgin sacrifices at the altar of arbitration.