In each season since 2010, Brett Gardner has been worth over 3 WAR, including last season’s 3.2. That ranked second for Yankee position players behind the departed Robinson Cano.

When he decides to steal bases in more abundance, he’s typically worth even more. And in regards to fielding metrics like UZR and Defensive Runs Saved, he’s a better LF than CF — a position for which he won consecutive Fielding Bible awards. Thus, we could see a bump in value as he shifts over for Ellsbury (last 2 years Gardner was a LF, he was a 6-win player and a 5-win player)

For the Gardner haters, yes, he’s only been an average hitter for his career (101 wRC+), but his defense and stolen bases ADD value. He’s also still in his prime and only made $2.875 million in 2013, which he’ll get a raise for this upcoming season…but still, it’s a contract that will still be a bargain.

It will be very difficult to get equal or greater value for Gardner in a trade, especially when one considers that he’s on a very cheap deal relative to his value.