According to Ken Davidoff’s NY Post luxury tax payroll tracker, the Yankees are now at 116.38 million for NINE Players:

Alex Rodriguez ($27.5 million)
CC Sabathia ($24.4 million)
Mark Teixeira ($22.5 million)
Brian McCann ($17 million)
Derek Jeter ($12.81 million)
Ichiro Suzuki ($6.5 million)
Alfonso Soriano ($4 million)
Brendan Ryan ($1.67 million)
Vernon Wells ($0)

If the Yankees stay true to the Hal-Cap of $189 million, that leaves $72.62 million for 16 more big leaguers (25-man roster) AND the rest of the 40-man roster.

Oh, MLB assesses each team about $11 million per season for player benefits like pension and medical care. So, that brings the $72.62 million to ~ 61.6 million!

That leaves an average of $3.85 million to spend on each of the remaining big league spots — and it’s really even less than that because the luxury tax payroll takes into account the salaries of each member of the 40-man roster!!

How is this team going to contend without smashing through the Hal-Cap??

Brian Cashman must worshiping at the altar of MLB arbitrators.