Dealt with a perennially old roster (in athletic terms), Joe Girardi has utilized the DH slot to rest aging players during his tenure as Yankees’ skipper. In the build-up to this season, we’ve already seen Yankee scribes indicate that Girardi will again make use of the “flexible DH” to limit wear & tear on the bodies of baseball’s elderly.

With that said, Girardi faces a trickier rotation strategy for 2014, because now there’s about 5-6 players who will need rest either due to age, recent injuries, or physical demands: Jeter, Beltran, Soriano, Roberts, Teixeira, and McCann (physical demand of catching).

Complicating this issue is that the Yankees have two players who are poor defensively, and ideally, you want to minimize their amount of fielding innings. These two players are Derek Jeter and Carlos Beltran.

Jeter’s defensive limitations are well-known, and now he’s playing on a bum ankle. And as we highlighted in October, Beltran has been in defensive freefall over the last 3 seasons, per all of the major defensive metrics available: UZR, TotalZone, and Defensive Runs Saved. He’s ranked as below-average in RF by all three.

For all of these reasons, Girardi faces a significant challenge with his DH rotation.