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Derek Jeter, age 39. Carlos Beltran, 37 in April. Alfonso Soriano, age 38. Ichiro, age 40. Brian Roberts, age 36 and a walking infirmary. Mark Teixeira, 34 in April and coming off wrist surgery.

It’s no secret the Yankees are a very old team, and somehow they got even older this offseason. It’s also no secret that the offense should be better than last season’s decrepit edition. While Robinson Cano left to become friends with Richard Sherman, free agent additions and the return of Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira should result in a net positive for the club’s hitting.

However, the Yankees’ front office is playing a high-risk game. The offense is improved on paper, no doubt, but what is the likelihood of the aforementioned players playing full seasons? It’s also worth noting that most of these aging players have experienced recent injury problems, some of which were quite serious.

While we all hope these guys will hold up over 162 games, it’s unrealistic to think it will happen. Some of them will probably miss significant gaps of time. As a result, the Yankees’ bench will play a key role in 2014. Depth will be an important issue.