On Sunday night, we were treated to both Bud Selig and MLB COO Rob Manfred conducting a victory lap in an interview on 60 Minutes — ONLY ONE DAY AFTER AROD’S ARBITRATION DECISION. How professional.

Also providing an interview for 60 Minutes was Anthony Bosch, owner of the now-defunct Biogenesis clinic, who is accused of selling performance-enchancing drugs to not only Arod, but also players such as Ryan Braun and Melky Cabrera. He is now being directly paid by Major League Baseball, even though he was the one who sold drugs to its players.

Listen, no one believes anything Alex Rodriguez says, including us. He’s incredibly dumb and if he just kept his nose clean, we wouldn’t be talking about this now. Do we think he’s the worst human on earth? No. Do we believe he should be compared to the Boston Marathon bombers? No. Do we have skeletons in our own closet that prevented us from joining the moralist, holier-than-thou hate parade from baseball writers nationwide? Absolutely. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

So, if you took our coverage of the the entire suspension/arbitration process as pro-Arod, then so be it. However, when the mainstream media blatantly ignores the giant hypocrite who occupies the office at 245 Park Avenue, we take it upon ourselves to highlight it.

Even on Sunday, we saw an article from WFAN entitled “A-Rod’s Ban Is A Big Win For MLB Commissioner Bud Selig..” You can find a similar piece written by Bill Madden of the Daily News.

The last person who should be commended is Bud Selig. He may be cracking down on PEDs now and using Arod as the posterboy for his efforts, but he presided over the entire ‘Steroid Era’, watching MLB revenues swell in the process. He only began to tackle the PED issue after public fascination with Barry Bonds’ enlarged cranium become impossible to ignore and prompted the infamously haphazard Mitchell Report.

Performance-enhancing drugs lined the pockets of MLB and team owners. And now Selig takes a stand against them? Come on. It’s always been about money. It was once very profitable to have players using PEDs. Now it isn’t. This huge case against Alex Rodriguez is simply to save the legacy of the Commissioner.

And let’s not exonerate the Yankees’ front office either. Don’t you think they knew Alex was using PEDs when they re-signed him to a 10-year deal? Let’s not be naive about that.

While Arod should definitely face consequences for his actions, Major League Baseball should be recognized as the corrupt and hypocritical organization that it is.

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