The forgotten brother, Hank Steinbrenner, after the announcement of the Tanaka signing:

We’re going to do what we’ve got to do to win. Anybody that questioned our commitment to winning is going to have to question themselves.

There has been criticism of myself and my brother the last couple years that, gee, if our dad was still in charge, we’d be spending this and spending that and doing whatever it takes to win.

You can certainly include us in the critics’ category. We have railed on the Yankees’ front office very strongly, and insinuated that Hal was putting profits over winning. With the Tanaka news, we have to say that we’re sorry for doubting his priorities. Mea culpa. We applaud the front office for attempting to put the best team possible on the field in 2014.

What is very confusing to us, however, is that the front office clearly made moves over the past couple years, especially prior to the 2013 season, to get under the $189 million level even though it purposely sacrificed the overall quality of the team. This was the source of our critique. One of our Twitter followers rhetorically asked today:

We guess that’s all water under the bridge now. Apparently, Hal changed his mind.

Despite our mea culpa, there are still elements of how the organization is run that we disagree with (a poor farm system that forces them to spend, reliance on old players, new Yankee Stadium, etc), but for now, we offer our atonement for questioning the Steinbrenners’ motivation. Today, Hal put the club’s money where his mouth is.

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The Yankees used many fun coupons to sign Masahiro Tanaka