No one really knows what Brian Cashman does.

But, we do know that…

1. His authority has dwindled in recent years.
2. Team president Randy Levine is the undisputed top dog when it comes to large contract negotiations.
3. Levine also recommends that the club acquires certain players.
4. Cashman was overruled several times heading into and during the 2013 season.
5. In October, Cashman publicly stated that “every opportunity” that comes his way is presented to his owner and team president, and that they have the “final call.”

The question of Cashman’s actual decison-making power is something we’ve tackled over and over. However, a recent tweet from a random Astros fan made us think about it again.

The fan makes a very valid point, but then again, what does Cashman actually do? No one has any real idea.

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“I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people!