As we were messing around on Twitter Wednesday night, we noticed fans of several teams talking about fan festivals. Among other activities, fans get to meet players and coaches, get autographs, mingle, and buy game tickets. Sounds awesome! Some teams even travel across an entire state or multiple states(!!) to meet their fans — such as the Twins, Braves, Cardinals, and Mariners.

So we did a little digging…of the 30 teams in MLB, twenty-seven of them host fanfests and/or travel directly to meet their fans. The Yankees are not one of them.

With declining YES ratings and Stadium attendance being absolutely torpedoed (way less people attend games than the official numbers state), you think it would be in the Yankees’ financial interest to host a FanFest.

And aside from finances, it would just be a very cool thing to do for the fans, and re-establish that emotional connection with the people. Hell, Derek Jeter wouldn’t have to leave his Tampa mansion for it, but it would be a thrill to meet some other players and coaches. Many fans would be psyched to get an autograph from any current Yankee. Families who can’t afford a night at the taxpayer-funded “airport shopping plaza” that is New Yankee Stadium could bring their kids, make a lasting memory, and reinforce the generational transfer of team allegiance.

Why doesn’t the club does this? Does it not have time for we peons?

We posed the question on Twitter. Here are some responses: