According to GK3 over at the NY Post, the Yankees are keeping tabs on Rickie Weeks, with an eye towards a possible trade for the inconsistent second baseman.

The Brewers have 2B prospect Scooter Gennett, who busted on the scene last year with a 131 wRC+. Milwaukee’s perennial budgetary pressures also make it likely they will look to offload some of Weeks’ $11 million salary for some cheaper pieces. In addition to his salary, Weeks has an $11.5 million vesting option that triggers IF he has 600 PAs in 2014 AND he is not on the disabled at the end of the season.

Considering the $$$, his below-replacement level 2013 season, and injury history, he should be accessible to the Bombers, even with their meager farm system offerings.

Of course, that list of pejoratives adds up to a far less than ideal player. However, he’s probably the best the Yankees can do at this point. The only remaining 2B free agent is the aged and useless Miguel Tejada.

What you do get with Rickie Weeks is:

1) Another option for when Brian Roberts breaks. Currently, the Yankees would be forced to play either Punch and Judy hitter, Brendan Ryan, or shift over Kelly Johnson which would leave a void at 3B.

2) Upside. Weeks is a gamble for sure, but at least he’s a gamble with a worthwhile jackpot. He was an elite prospect and is 8th in career wOBA among current second basemen. From 2009-2011, Rickie Weeks posted a 126 wRC+. That put him behind only Robinson Cano, Chase Utley, and Ben Zobrist on the list of the top hitting second basemen in those 3 seasons — and ahead of Dustin Pedroia, Dan Uggla, and Ian Kinsler.

3) A potential immediate upgrade at 3B. We could be stretching it here, because Weeks has never played third. However, Kelly Johnson has only started 12 games there himself. If he’s healthy, Weeks has the better bat.

2011 isn’t exactly ancient history, and Weeks is still only 31 — that’s like full grown puppy stage in Yankee years. He’s a flawed player, but one whose low sticker price and high hitting potential makes him a worthwhile roster addition for the Yankees.