A few days ago, small market Red Sox president Larry Lucchino accused the Yankees of not adapting to baseball’s changing tactical landscape, by stating that the Bombers are still relying heavily on their inimitable, old-fashioned Yankees style of high-priced, long-term free agents.”

While Lucchino is a Class A D-Bag, it’s hard to argue against (although Randy Levine tried) a team that is the defending World Series champion and owner of one of the best farm systems in baseball.

However, the last two Yankee deals have us encouraged. The Gardner deal was very solid, and perhaps even a discount. And signing Andrew Bailey to a minor league deal could pay dividends late in 2014, and even 2015. This is the type of forward thinking we’ve been clamoring for. Even our boy Ken Davidoff called the Gardner deal “the most sensible of the Yankees offseason.

There’s a long way to go though. The front office made an old team even older. It’s a very thin roster and a major injury or two could derail the season. And the infield is…well…insert your own adjective.

Yet, these last two deals are a move in a more modern direction. Add in reports that the Yankees are planning a major spending spree for amateur international free agents and are making changes within the farm system — could it be that Hal/Levine/Cashman realize their methods need to change ASAP if the club plans on being a sustainable elite force?

The Gardner & Bailey deals are only a small sample, but we hope the front office continues along this path.

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