Wendy Thurm consistently contributes some of the best articles on Fangraphs. Her most recent entry looks at how much each team spends on its starting lineup, starting rotation, bullpen, and bench — per percentage of its overall payroll.

From our perspective, the most interesting nugget from her article was that the Yankees project to spend only 6.30% of their overall payroll on the bullpen. This is the lowest percentage in MLB.

…And we like it! For all of its flaws, the front office definitely gets it when it comes to bullpen pieces.

Relief pitchers are a fungible and unpredictable commodity. The majority of them have a pretty narrow range of skills and it’s very hard to tell which ones are going to rise above the pack. Remember, all relievers are failed starters — even the great Mariano.

For sure, if you have a reliever who is clearly better than the rest, and you think he can keep that up year after year, spend some money on him (extend D-Rob!).

However, the one thing you can count on with most relievers is that you can’t count on them. It’s therefore just smart strategy to put most of the resources you have into hitters and more reliable starting pitchers.