Lots of talk over the past couple days about trading Ichiro — between Buster Olney speculating that the Phillies should trade for the former superstar; to a plethora of NY sportswriters suggesting the Yanks are listening to offers.

We’ve been hearing for several months that the Yankees have been hoping to trade him, and we can understand why. He can’t hit anymore. As a result of his noodle bat, it’s likely the Yankees would have to eat salary in order to get him off the roster, and generally we aren’t fans of paying players to suit up for another team. It typically makes those players discounts to opposing clubs.

Signing Ichiro was an obvious mistake, nevermind to a two-year deal. Hal Steinbrenner made the deal because he was thinking of revenue that would surround the 3,000 hit hoopla. It didn’t make baseball sense. Now, Ichiro is a sunk cost. So, instead of paying another team to take him off the Yankees’ hands, they should just suck it up and make Ichiro an overpaid bench player. He certainly serves some utility as a defensive replacement (especially for Beltran) and pinch runner.

Ichiro obviously has a tremendous amount of pride, and if he demands a trade or the Yanks want to trade him out of respect, that’s one thing. We would also trade Ichiro if we could bring back a similar-salaried player who could provide some usefulness to the current roster. But, we wouldn’t eat salary just to get him off the team. He has some utility to the club, even if he would be overpaid.